Sanderson Design Group, whose brands are all justifiably proud that their wallpapers and printed fabrics are Great British products!

Not only are the Brands’ wallpapers and printed fabrics manufactured in the UK, they are produced within Sanderson Design Group factories, each of which operates with clear commitments and initiatives towards the care of the environment and to sustainability.

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Printed fabrics for all four brands are manufactured in the North West of England* at the Standfast & Barracks factory where a continuous programme of investment is dedicated to improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions and controlling effluent. It is located on the lower banks of the River Lune which provides a natural source of water for cloth preparation and finishing operations. The site also boasts its own effluent pre-treatment plant and was granted an environmental permit by the Environment Agency in 2003.

The Brands’ wallpapers are produced equally responsibly in the East Midlands by Anstey Wallpaper Company*, sister company to Standfast, which sources its raw materials from organisations that trade ethically, are bound by environmental controls and, in turn, have their own environmental management systems.  We comply with all appropriate environmental legislation.  We are ISO 9000 accredited.

The paper base for the wallpapers is supplied by organisations that source pulp from certified, sustainable forests and are accredited to FSC and/or PEFC forestry certification systems.  These base material suppliers have long been in the business of sustainability: for forest owners there is an inbuilt necessity to replant to ensure supply is maintained over a 20-year growing cycle. Modern timber logging techniques and management systems ensure that only selected trees are felled, thereby allowing biodiversity to be maintained. Timber is sourced from northern softwood forests accredited to ISO 9000, ISO 14001, European Timber Regulation (EU Timber Regulations), PEFC and FSC management systems.

Waste inks and paper are recycled wherever possible, and tight controls are maintained over energy use to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.

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In an age when reducing the corporate carbon footprint and global transportation miles are assuming ever increasing importance, we are incredibly proud to be supporting British industry, and feel strongly that being able to wave the ‘Made in Britain’ flag with confidence and patriotism is something well worth talking about

* with the exception of a very small number of items produced by third parties


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